Goodbye and good luck

Hello, everyone that's still watching this space...

Our tiny team of two has become overwhelmed with other commitments, and unfortunately, we cannot develop or support the app any further.

We're making this decision because the site activity was minimal despite much effort to promote the service across many different community groups and forums.

We don't want to leave those interested in the idea of an in-person game-finding service with nowhere to go, so we'd like to share a couple of stand-out competitors from our research.

The first recommendation is an app we discovered whose development team is somewhat larger than ours, and we hope they can provide you with a similar tool set and a reliable app. Their development roadmap looks promising, and like us, they’re free to use (just a few annoying ads in the app).

The app is only available on mobile - iOS and Android - but that’s the only difference.

Critical Match

If you prefer to use a browser, there's Tabletop Wizard. A well-established UK GM, it's unclear how well-resourced the endeavour is, but the site functioned well during feature testing.

RPG Tablefinder

Or, as so many seem to have, you can carry on using the methods you're familiar with.

Whichever you choose, we wish you all the very best and our apologies for not being able to provide the service we’d hoped to build and maintain.

Gerald & Chris - Nexus3